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Basic Aggregation

Basic Aggregation calculates aggregates over a group of rows in a Dataset using aggregate operators (possibly with aggregate functions).

Aggregate Operators


Aggregates over (applies an aggregate function on) a subset of or the entire Dataset (i.e., considering the entire data set as one group)

Creates a RelationalGroupedDataset


Dataset.agg is simply a shortcut for Dataset.groupBy().agg.


Groups the rows in a Dataset by columns (as Column expressions or names).

Creates a RelationalGroupedDataset

Used for untyped aggregates using DataFrames. Grouping is described using column expressions or column names.

Internally, groupBy resolves column names and creates a RelationalGroupedDataset (with groupType as GroupByType).


Groups records (of type T) by the input func and creates a KeyValueGroupedDataset to apply aggregation to.

Used for typed aggregates using Datasets with records grouped by a key-defining discriminator function

import org.apache.spark.sql.expressions.scalalang._
val q = dataset
  .toDF("productId", "sum")
  .as[(Timestamp, Long)]
  .groupByKey { case (ts, v) => v % 2 }