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PhysicalAggregation Scala Extractor

PhysicalAggregation is a Scala extractor to destructure an Aggregate logical operator into a four-element tuple (ReturnType) with the following elements:

  1. NamedExpressions of the grouping keys
  2. AggregateExpressions
  3. NamedExpressions of the result
  4. Child logical operator
(Seq[NamedExpression], Seq[AggregateExpression], Seq[NamedExpression], LogicalPlan)
Scala Extractor Object

Learn more in the Scala extractor objects.

Destructuring Aggregate Logical Operator

type ReturnType = 
  (Seq[NamedExpression],      // Grouping Keys
   Seq[AggregateExpression],  // Aggregate Functions
   Seq[NamedExpression],      // Result
   LogicalPlan)               // Child

  a: Any): Option[ReturnType]

unapply destructures an Aggregate logical operator into a four-element ReturnType tuple.

unapply creates a EquivalentExpressions (to eliminate duplicate aggregate expressions and avoid evaluating them multiple times).

unapply collects AggregateExpressions in the resultExpressions of the given Aggregate logical operator.

Some Other Magic

unapply does some other magic but it does not look interesting, but the main idea should already be explained 😉

unapply is used when: