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V2SessionCatalog is the default session catalog of CatalogManager.

V2SessionCatalog is a TableCatalog and a SupportsNamespaces.

Creating Instance

V2SessionCatalog takes the following to be created:

V2SessionCatalog is created when BaseSessionStateBuilder is requested for one.

Default Namespace

defaultNamespace: Array[String]

The default namespace of V2SessionCatalog is default.

defaultNamespace is part of the CatalogPlugin abstraction.


name: String

The name of V2SessionCatalog is spark_catalog.

name is part of the CatalogPlugin abstraction.

Loading Table

  ident: Identifier): Table

loadTable is part of the TableCatalog abstraction.

loadTable creates a V1Table for a table metadata (from the SessionCatalog).

Loading Function

  ident: Identifier): UnboundFunction

loadFunction is part of the FunctionCatalog abstraction.