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QueryPlanningTracker is used to track the execution phases of a structured query.

Phase Description
parsing SparkSession is requested to execute a SQL query
analysis QueryExecution is requested for an analyzed query plan
optimization QueryExecution is requested for an optimized query plan
planning QueryExecution is requested for an physical and executed query plans

Accessing QueryPlanningTracker

QueryPlanningTracker of a structured query is available using QueryExecution.

val df_ops = spark.range(1000).selectExpr("count(*)")
val tracker = df_ops.queryExecution.tracker

// There are three execution phases tracked for structured queries using Dataset API
assert(tracker.phases.keySet == Set("analysis", "optimization", "planning"))
val df_sql = sql("SELECT * FROM range(1000)")
val tracker = df_sql.queryExecution.tracker

// There are four execution phases tracked for structured queries using SQL
assert(tracker.phases.keySet == Set("parsing", "analysis", "optimization", "planning"))

Creating Instance

QueryPlanningTracker takes no arguments to be created.

QueryPlanningTracker is created when:

Getting QueryPlanningTracker

get: Option[QueryPlanningTracker]

get utility allows to access the QueryPlanningTracker bound to the current thread (using a thread local variable facility).

import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.QueryPlanningTracker

scala> :type QueryPlanningTracker.get

get is used when:

Measuring Execution Phase

  phase: String)(
  f: => T): T

measurePhase executes the given f executable block and records the start and end times in the phasesMap registry.

If the given phase has already been recorded in the phasesMap registry, measurePhase replaces the end time.

measurePhase is used when:

phasesMap Registry

phasesMap: HashMap[String, PhaseSummary]

QueryPlanningTracker creates phasesMap registry of phases and their start and end times (PhaseSummary) when created.

A phase with a PhaseSummary is added (recorded) in measurePhase.

phasesMap is available using phases method.

Execution Phases Summaries

phases: Map[String, PhaseSummary]

phases gives the phasesMap registry.


phases sees to be used in tests only.