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PhysicalAggregation -- Scala Extractor for Destructuring Aggregate Logical Operators

PhysicalAggregation is a Scala extractor to <> into a four-element tuple with the following elements:

. Grouping expressions/[named expressions]

. AggregateExpressions

. Result expressions/[named expressions]

. Child[logical operator]

[[ReturnType]] .ReturnType [source, scala]

(Seq[NamedExpression], Seq[AggregateExpression], Seq[NamedExpression], LogicalPlan)

TIP: See the document about[Scala extractor objects].

=== [[unapply]] Destructuring Aggregate Logical Operator -- unapply Method

[source, scala]

type ReturnType = (Seq[NamedExpression], Seq[AggregateExpression], Seq[NamedExpression], LogicalPlan)

unapply(a: Any): Option[ReturnType]

unapply destructures the input a[Aggregate] logical operator into a four-element <>.


unapply is used when...FIXME