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CatalogTablePartition is the partition specification of a table, i.e. the metadata of the partitions of a table.

CatalogTablePartition is <> when:

  • HiveClientImpl is requested to hive/[retrieve a table partition metadata]

CatalogTablePartition can hold the <> that...FIXME

[[simpleString]] The readable text representation of a CatalogTablePartition (aka simpleString) is...FIXME

NOTE: simpleString is used exclusively when ShowTablesCommand is executed (with a partition specification).

[[toString]] CatalogTablePartition uses the following text representation (i.e. toString)...FIXME

Creating Instance

CatalogTablePartition takes the following when created:

=== [[toLinkedHashMap]] Converting Partition Specification to LinkedHashMap -- toLinkedHashMap Method

[source, scala]

toLinkedHashMap: mutable.LinkedHashMap[String, String]

toLinkedHashMap converts the partition specification to a collection of pairs (LinkedHashMap[String, String]) with the following fields and their values:


toLinkedHashMap is used when:

  • DescribeTableCommand logical command is <> (with the[isExtended] flag on and a non-empty[partitionSpec]).

* CatalogTablePartition is requested for either a <> or a <> text representation

=== [[location]] location Method

[source, scala]

location: URI

location simply returns the location URI of the CatalogStorageFormat or throws an AnalysisException:

Partition [[specString]] did not specify locationUri

NOTE: location is used when...FIXME