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ArrowEvalPythonExec Physical Operator

ArrowEvalPythonExec is an EvalPythonExec physical operator to evaluate scalar PythonUDFs using ArrowPythonRunner.

ArrowEvalPythonExec represents ArrowEvalPython logical operator at execution time.

Creating Instance

ArrowEvalPythonExec takes the following to be created:

ArrowEvalPythonExec is created when:

  • PythonEvals physical execution strategy is executed (and plans ArrowEvalPython logical operators)

Performance Metrics

ArrowEvalPythonExec is a PythonSQLMetrics.

Maximum Records per Batch

batchSize is the value of spark.sql.execution.arrow.maxRecordsPerBatch configuration property.

batchSize is used while evaluating PythonUDFs.

Evaluating PythonUDFs

  funcs: Seq[ChainedPythonFunctions],
  argOffsets: Array[Array[Int]],
  iter: Iterator[InternalRow],
  schema: StructType,
  context: TaskContext): Iterator[InternalRow]

evaluate is part of the EvalPythonExec abstraction.

evaluate creates an ArrowPythonRunner to compute partitions.

In the end, evaluate converts ColumnarBatches into InternalRows.