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CommandIdAssigner is used by DistributingExecutor to execute KSQL statements.

Generating CommandId (for Statement)

CommandId getCommandId(
  Statement command)

getCommandId looks up the CommandIdSupplier for the given Statement in the SUPPLIERS registry and executes it (with the command statement).

getCommandId throws a RuntimeException when a CommandIdSupplier could not be found:

Cannot assign command ID to statement of type [commandClassName]

getCommandId is used when:

CommandId Suppliers

CommandIdAssigner defines SUPPLIERS registry of Statements and their CommandId suppliers (functions that produce a CommandId).

The registry is used to getCommandId.

Statement CommandIdSupplier
InsertInto getInsertIntoCommandId


CommandId getInsertIntoCommandId(
  InsertInto insertInto)

getInsertIntoCommandId creates a CommandId.

Type Entity Action
STREAM Target DataSource CREATE

getInsertIntoCommandId is used when: