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MeteredProcessingLoggerFactory is a ProcessingLoggerFactory.

Creating Instance

MeteredProcessingLoggerFactory takes the following to be created:

MeteredProcessingLoggerFactory is created when:

  • ProcessingLogContextImpl is created

Create ProcessingLogger

ProcessingLogger getLogger(
  String name,
  Map<String, String> additionalTags)

getLogger is part of the ProcessingLoggerFactory abstraction.

getLogger finds a ProcessingLogger in the processingLoggers registry or creates a new one (using the loggerWithMetricsFactory) if not found.

When creating a ProcessingLogger, getLogger configureProcessingErrorSensor and getProcessLogger.


ProcessingLogger getProcessLogger(
  String name)

getProcessLogger creates a ProcessingLogger using the loggerFactory (with the ProcessingLogConfig and a StructuredLogger from the StructuredLoggerFactory).