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SingleSourcePlanNode is an extension of the PlanNode abstraction for plan nodes with one source.


  • AggregateNode
  • FilterNode
  • FlatMapNode
  • OutputNode
  • PreJoinRepartitionNode
  • ProjectNode
  • QueryFilterNode
  • QueryLimitNode
  • SuppressNode
  • UserRepartitionNode

Creating Instance

SingleSourcePlanNode takes the following to be created:

  • PlanNodeId
  • DataSourceType
  • Source Name
  • Source

Abstract Class

SingleSourcePlanNode is an abstract class and cannot be created directly. It is created indirectly for the concrete SingleSourcePlanNodes.

Source PlanNode

SingleSourcePlanNode is given a PlanNode when created.


List<PlanNode> getSources()

getSources returns the source.

getSources is part of the PlanNode abstraction.

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