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DataSourceNode is a PlanNode.

Creating Instance

DataSourceNode takes the following to be created:

DataSourceNode is created when:

  • LogicalPlanner is requested to build a join or a non-join plan node


DataSourceNode can be given a SchemaKStreamFactory when created. Unless given, DataSourceNode uses SchemaKSourceFactory.


Note the difference in type names, i.e. SchemaKStreamFactory (with Stream inside) vs SchemaKSourceFactory (with Source instead).

The SchemaKStreamFactory is used to create a source SchemaKStream when DataSourceNode is requested for one.

Building SchemaKStream

SchemaKStream<?> buildStream(
  PlanBuildContext buildContext)

buildStream is part of the PlanNode abstraction.

buildStream requests the given PlanBuildContext to buildNodeContext for the PlanNodeId.

In the end, buildStream requests the SchemaKStreamFactory for a SchemaKStream for the DataSource.