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StandaloneExecutorFactory is used to create a StandaloneExecutor in headless mode.

Creating StandaloneExecutor

StandaloneExecutor create(
  Map<String, Object> properties,
  String queriesFile,
  String installDir,
  Function<KsqlConfig, ServiceContext> serviceContextFactory,
  BiFunction<String, KsqlConfig, ConfigStore> configStoreFactory,
  Function<Supplier<Boolean>, VersionCheckerAgent> versionCheckerFactory,
  StandaloneExecutorConstructor constructor,
  MetricCollectors metricCollectors)
StandaloneExecutor create(
  Map<String, String> properties,
  String queriesFile,
  String installDir,
  MetricCollectors metricCollectors)

create creates a KsqlConfig (with the given properties) and adds the addConfluentMetricsContextConfigs (from the given MetricCollectors).

create creates a ServiceContext.

create configsTopic, KsqlInternalTopicUtils.ensureTopic and creates a KafkaConfigStore (with the config topic name).

create creates a ProcessingLogConfig.

create creates a ProcessingLogContext (with the ProcessingLogConfig, the given MetricCollectors and the tags based on ksql.metrics.tags.custom configuration property).

create creates a InternalFunctionRegistry.

create creates a KsqlEngine (with a new ServiceInfo, a SequentialQueryIdGenerator and no QueryEventListeners).

create creates a UserFunctionLoader.

create creates a VersionCheckerAgent.

In the end, create creates a StandaloneExecutor (with failOnNoQueries flag enabled and NO_TOPIC_DELETE injectors).

create is used when: