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KafkaConfigStore is a ConfigStore with a KsqlConfig with config overrides from a Kafka topic.

Creating Instance

KafkaConfigStore takes the following to be created:

  • Topic Name
  • KsqlConfig
  • KafkaConsumer<byte[], byte[]> factory
  • KafkaProducer<StringKey, KsqlProperties> factory

While being created, KafkaConfigStore initializes KsqlConfig.

KafkaConfigStore is created when:

Topic Name

KafkaConfigStore is given the name of a Kafka topic when created.

The topic name is computed and created when StandaloneExecutorFactory is requested to create a StandaloneExecutor.


KafkaConfigStore creates a new KsqlConfig when created.

KafkaConfigStore creates a KafkaWriteOnceStore to readMaybeWrite a KsqlProperties from the Kafka topic (with KsqlProperties.createFor with the currentConfig).

What does this step do exactly?

In the end, KafkaConfigStore requests the current KsqlConfig to overrideBreakingConfigsWithOriginalValues with the KsqlProperties.


KsqlConfig getKsqlConfig()

getKsqlConfig returns the KsqlConfig.

getKsqlConfig is used when: