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ValueSerdeFactory is an abstraction of factories of value serdes.


Creating Value Serde

Serde<GenericRow> create(
  FormatInfo format,
  PersistenceSchema schema,
  KsqlConfig ksqlConfig,
  Supplier<SchemaRegistryClient> schemaRegistryClientFactory,
  String loggerNamePrefix,
  ProcessingLogContext processingLogContext,
  Optional<TrackedCallback> tracker)

Serde (Apache Kafka) of GenericRows

See GenericRowSerDe

Used when:

  • CreateSourceFactory is requested to validateSerdesCanHandleSchemas
  • KafkaConsumerFactory is requested to create a KafkaConsumer
  • RuntimeBuildContext is requested to build a value Serde
  • InsertsSubscriber is requested to createInsertsSubscriber
  • InsertValuesExecutor is requested to serializeValue
  • GenericRowSerDe is requested to create a Serde