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KeyFormat sanitizeKeyFormat(
  KeyFormat keyFormat,
  List<SqlType> newKeyColumnSqlTypes,
  boolean allowKeyFormatChangeToSupportNewKeySchema)


sanitizeKeyFormat is used when:

  • SchemaKGroupedStream is requested to aggregate and getKeyFormat
  • SchemaKStream is requested to selectKey and groupBy
  • SchemaKTable is requested to selectKey and groupBy


KeyFormat sanitizeKeyFormatForTypeCompatibility(
  KeyFormat keyFormat,
  List<SqlType> sqlTypes)

sanitizeKeyFormatForTypeCompatibility requests the given KeyFormat for the FormatInfo to create a Format.

sanitizeKeyFormatForTypeCompatibility returns the KeyFormat if every SqlType (in the given sqlTypes collection) is supported as a key type by the Format.

Otherwise, sanitizeKeyFormatForTypeCompatibility convertToJsonFormat the given KeyFormat.