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Creating Instance

KeyFormat takes the following to be created:

  • Format Specification (FormatInfo)
  • SerdeFeatures
  • Window Specification (WindowInfo)

KeyFormat is created using the following:

Creating KeyFormat Instance

KeyFormat of(
  FormatInfo format,
  SerdeFeatures features,
  Optional<WindowInfo> windowInfo)

of creates a KeyFormat.

of is used when:

Creating Non-Windowed KeyFormat Instance

KeyFormat nonWindowed(
  FormatInfo format,
  SerdeFeatures features)

nonWindowed creates a KeyFormat with no window spec.

nonWindowed is used when:


KeyFormat withSerdeFeatures(
  SerdeFeatures additionalFeatures)

withSerdeFeatures copies this KeyFormat with the SerdeFeatures with the given additional SerdeFeatures (possibly overriding the current features).

withSerdeFeatures is used when: