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KafkaFormat is a Format known as KAFKA.

KafkaFormat supports a single field only in schema (does not support multiple columns).


String name()

name is part of the Format abstraction.

name is KAFKA.

Supported Serde Features

KafkaFormat supports UNWRAP_SINGLES feature.

Create Serde

Serde<List<?>> getSerde(
  PersistenceSchema schema,
  Map<String, String> formatProperties,
  KsqlConfig ksqlConfig,
  Supplier<SchemaRegistryClient> srClientFactory,
  boolean isKey)

getSerde is part of the Format abstraction.

getSerde validates the given formatProperties against the supported properties.


KAFKA format supports no custom properties in the WITH clause.

getSerde validates the SerdeFeatures (of the given PersistenceSchema) against the supported schema features.

In the end, getSerde creates a Serde for the given PersistenceSchema.


boolean supportsKeyType(
  SqlType type)

supportsKeyType is part of the Format abstraction.

supportsKeyType holds true if the given SqlType meets the following requirements: