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Creating Instance

GenericSerdeFactory takes the following to be created:

GenericSerdeFactory is created along with the following:

Creating Format Serde

Serde<List<?>> createFormatSerde(
  String target,
  FormatInfo formatInfo,
  PersistenceSchema schema,
  KsqlConfig ksqlConfig,
  Supplier<SchemaRegistryClient> schemaRegistryClientFactory,
  boolean isKey)

createFormatSerde creates a Format (using the factory for the given FormatInfo) to get a Serde for the given PersistenceSchema.

In case of any exception, createFormatSerde throws a SchemaNotSupportedException:

[target] format does not support schema.
format: [name]
schema: [schema]
reason: [reason]

createFormatSerde is used when: