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ServerVerticle is a Verticle (Vert.x).

A verticle is a piece of code that can be deployed by Vert.x (...) to provide an actor-like deployment and concurrency model, out of the box.

Creating Instance

ServerVerticle takes the following to be created:

  • Endpoints
  • HttpServerOptions (Vert.x)
  • Server
  • isInternalListener flag
  • PullQueryExecutorMetrics
  • LoggingRateLimiter

ServerVerticle is created when:

  • Server is requested to start

Starting Verticle

void start(
  Promise<Void> startPromise)

start creates a ConnectionQueryManager.

start creates an HttpServer (Vert.x) (with the HttpServerOptions) and registers the request handlers.

start is part of the Verticle (Vert.x) abstraction.


Router setupRouter()

setupRouter registers the query handlers.

URI HTTP Method Handler
/ GET ServerVerticle::handleInfoRedirect
/close-query POST CloseQueryHandler
/clusterStatus GET this::handleClusterStatusRequest
/healthcheck GET this::handleHealthcheckRequest
/heartbeat POST this::handleHeartbeatRequest
/info GET this::handleInfoRequest
/inserts-stream POST InsertsStreamHandler
/is_valid_property/:property GET this::handleIsValidPropertyRequest
/ksql POST handleKsqlRequest
/ksql/terminate POST this::handleTerminateRequest
/lag POST this::handleLagReportRequest
/query POST this::handleQueryRequest
/query-stream POST QueryStreamHandler
/status/:type/:entity/:action GET this::handleStatusRequest
/status GET this::handleAllStatusesRequest
/v1/metadata GET this::handleServerMetadataRequest
/v1/metadata/id GET this::handleServerMetadataClusterIdRequest
/ws/query GET this::handleWebsocket

Handling KsqlRequest

void handleKsqlRequest(
  RoutingContext routingContext)

handleKsqlRequest requests the Endpoints to execute the KsqlRequest.

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