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QueryStreamHandler is a Handler (Vert.x) to handle HTTP requests to the following REST endpoints:

Creating Instance

QueryStreamHandler takes the following to be created:

QueryStreamHandler is created when:

Handling HTTP Request

void handle(
  RoutingContext routingContext)

handle is part of the Handler (Vert.x) abstraction.

handle requests the Endpoints to createQueryPublisher and then handleQueryPublisher.


void handleQueryPublisher(
  RoutingContext routingContext,
  QueryPublisher queryPublisher,
  MetricsCallbackHolder metricsCallbackHolder,
  long startTimeNanos)

For a pull query, handleQueryPublisher...FIXME

For a scalable push query, handleQueryPublisher...FIXME

Otherwise, handleQueryPublisher...FIXME

In the end, handleQueryPublisher requests the given QueryPublisher to subscribe to a new QuerySubscriber.


Enable ALL logging level for io.confluent.ksql.api.server.QueryStreamHandler logger to see what happens inside.

Add the following line to

Refer to Logging.