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Analyzer.Visitor is a DefaultTraversalVisitor to produce an AstNode for Analyzer (to analyze a KSQL query statement).

Analyzer.Visitor is a private final class of Analyzer.

Creating Instance

Analyzer.Visitor takes the following to be created:

Analyzer.Visitor is created when:


Analyzer.Visitor creates an Analysis when created.

The Analysis instance is mutated (changed) while visiting AST nodes (for Analyzer to analyze a KSQL query statement).

persistent Flag

Analyzer.Visitor is given persistent flag when created.

persistent flag indicates whether the Query has got a Sink or not.

In other words, a query is persistent when has got Sink defined.


void analyzeNonStdOutSink(
  Sink sink)


analyzeNonStdOutSink is used when:


AstNode visitAliasedRelation(
  AliasedRelation node,
  Void context)

visitAliasedRelation is part of the AstVisitor abstraction.

visitAliasedRelation makes sure that the Table relation is registered in the MetaStore and requests the Analysis to register the alias with the DataSource.


AstNode visitSelect(
  Select node,
  Void context)

visitSelect is part of the AstVisitor abstraction.



void visitTableFunctions(
  Expression expression)

visitTableFunctions creates a TableFunctionVisitor to process the given Expression.