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SourceBuilderV1 is a SourceBuilderBase.

Creating Instance

SourceBuilderV1 takes no arguments to be created.

SourceBuilderV1 is created when the Java class is first loaded by JVM (and available using instance public static value).

SourceBuilderV1 Instance

SourceBuilderV1 uses an instance internal registry of the only application-wide SourceBuilderV1 (that is created right when the class is loaded by JVM).


instance is a private static final value.

instance is used when:


KStreamHolder<GenericKey> buildStream(
  RuntimeBuildContext buildContext,
  StreamSource source,
  ConsumedFactory consumedFactory)

buildStream gets a PhysicalSchema for the given StreamSource.

buildStream getValueSerde, getKeySerde and builds a Consumed.

buildStream builds a KStream (with the given StreamSource, the Consumed and a non-windowed KeyGenerator).

In the end, buildStream creates a KStreamHolder for the KStream.

buildStream is used when:


KStream<K, GenericRow> buildKStream(
  SourceStep<?> streamSource,
  RuntimeBuildContext buildContext,
  Consumed<K, GenericRow> consumed,
  Function<K, Collection<?>> keyGenerator)


buildKStream is used when:

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