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SchemaKTable<K> is a SchemaKStream (of K keys).

Creating Instance

SchemaKTable takes the following to be created:

SchemaKTable is created when:

  • SchemaKSourceFactory is requested to create a SchemaKTable
  • SchemaKGroupedStream is requested to aggregate
  • SchemaKGroupedTable is requested to aggregate
  • SchemaKTable is requested to select, and other operators


SchemaKTable<K> select(
  List<ColumnName> keyColumnNames,
  List<SelectExpression> selectExpressions,
  Stacker contextStacker,
  PlanBuildContext buildContext,
  FormatInfo valueFormat)

select is part of the SchemaKStream abstraction.

select creates a copy of this SchemaKTable with a new sourceTableStep to be a TableSelect and resolveSchema with the new step.

select creates a TableSelect step with the sourceTableStep (and the keyFormat and the given value formats).

In the end, creates a SchemaKTable with the TableSelect step (and a new resolveSchema, etc.)