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QueryMetadataImpl is a QueryMetadata.

Creating Instance

QueryMetadataImpl takes the following to be created:

  • Statement Text
  • LogicalSchema
  • Names of the Sources
  • Execution Plan
  • queryApplicationId
  • Topology
  • KafkaStreamsBuilder
  • Streams Properties
  • overriddenProperties
  • closeTimeout
  • QueryId
  • QueryErrorClassifier
  • maxQueryErrorsQueueSize
  • baseWaitingTimeMs
  • retryBackoffMaxMs
  • Listener


QueryMetadataImpl is given a KafkaStreamsBuilder when created.


void initialize()

initialize requests the KafkaStreamsBuilder to build a KafkaStreams instance (with the Topology and the streamsProperties).

initialize resets the KafkaStreams instance and turns the initialized flag on.

initialize is part of the QueryMetadata abstraction.

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