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Creating Instance

QueryEngine takes the following to be created:

QueryEngine is created when:

Building Logical Plan of Query (buildQueryLogicalPlan)

OutputNode buildQueryLogicalPlan(
  Query query,
  Optional<Sink> sink,
  MetaStore metaStore,
  KsqlConfig config,
  boolean rowpartitionRowoffsetEnabled)

buildQueryLogicalPlan takes a Query statement and returns an OutputNode.

The optional Sink can only be defined when EngineExecutor is requested to plan a statement (which is a QueryContainer).

buildQueryLogicalPlan creates a QueryAnalyzer with the MetaStore and the values of the following configuration properties (from the given KsqlConfig):

buildQueryLogicalPlan requests the QueryAnalyzer to analyze the given query.

In the end, buildQueryLogicalPlan creates a LogicalPlanner to buildPersistentLogicalPlan.

buildQueryLogicalPlan is used when:

Building Physical Query Plan (buildPhysicalPlan)

PhysicalPlan buildPhysicalPlan(
  LogicalPlanNode logicalPlanNode,
  SessionConfig config,
  MetaStore metaStore,
  QueryId queryId,
  Optional<PlanInfo> oldPlanInfo)

buildPhysicalPlan creates a StreamsBuilder (Kafka Streams).

buildPhysicalPlan creates a PhysicalPlanBuilder (with the StreamsBuilder) to build a physical plan of the given LogicalPlanNode (and the given QueryId and the PlanInfo of the query to be "replaced").

buildPhysicalPlan is used when:

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