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PersistentQueryMetadataImpl is a QueryMetadataImpl and a PersistentQueryMetadata.

Creating Instance

PersistentQueryMetadataImpl takes the following to be created:

  • PersistentQueryType
  • Statement Text
  • PhysicalSchema
  • Source Names
  • Sink DataSource
  • Execution Plan
  • Query ID
  • MaterializationProviderBuilder
  • Query Application ID
  • Topology (Kafka Streams)
  • KafkaStreamsBuilder
  • QuerySchemas
  • Streams Properties (Map<String, Object>)
  • Overrideen Properties (Map<String, Object>)
  • Close Timeout
  • QueryErrorClassifier
  • ExecutionStep
  • maxQueryErrorsQueueSize
  • ProcessingLogger
  • retryBackoffInitialMs
  • retryBackoffMaxMs
  • QueryMetadata.Listener
  • ScalablePushRegistry

PersistentQueryMetadataImpl is created when:


PersistentQueryMetadataImpl is given a ProcessingLogger when created.

The ProcessingLogger is used in uncaughtHandler (to error log unhandled exceptions caught in streams threads).


StreamsUncaughtExceptionHandler.StreamThreadExceptionResponse uncaughtHandler(
  Throwable error)

uncaughtHandler is part of the PersistentQueryMetadata abstraction.