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KSPlanBuilder is a PlanBuilder that builds a Kafka Streams application (from an execution plan).

Creating Instance

KSPlanBuilder takes the following to be created:

KSPlanBuilder is created when:


KStreamHolder<GenericKey> visitStreamSource(
  StreamSource streamSource,
  PlanInfo planInfo) // (1)!
  1. The given PlanInfo is not used.

visitStreamSource uses the SourceBuilderV1 to build a KStream (for the RuntimeBuildContext, the given StreamSource and the ConsumedFactory from the StreamsFactories).

visitStreamSource is part of the PlanBuilder abstraction.


KTableHolder<GenericKey> visitTableSource(
  TableSource tableSource,
  PlanInfo planInfo)
KTableHolder<GenericKey> visitTableSource(
  TableSourceV1 tableSourceV1,
  PlanInfo planInfo)

visitTableSource requests the SourceBuilder or SourceBuilderV1 to buildTable.

visitTableSource is part of the PlanBuilder abstraction.

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