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WrappedStateStore is an extension of the StateStore and CachedStateStore abstractions for state stores that hold (wrap) another state store.


  • AbstractReadOnlyDecorator
  • AbstractReadWriteDecorator
  • CachingKeyValueStore
  • CachingSessionStore
  • CachingWindowStore
  • ChangeLoggingKeyValueBytesStore
  • ChangeLoggingSessionBytesStore
  • ChangeLoggingWindowBytesStore
  • MeteredKeyValueStore
  • MeteredSessionStore
  • MeteredWindowStore
  • RocksDBSessionStore
  • RocksDBTimeOrderedWindowStore
  • RocksDBWindowStore

Creating Instance

WrappedStateStore takes the following to be created:

Abstract Class

WrappedStateStore is an abstract class and cannot be created directly. It is created indirectly for the concrete WrappedStateStores.


boolean setFlushListener(
  CacheFlushListener<K, V> listener,
  boolean sendOldValues)

setFlushListener returns false for the wrapped state store being of any type but a CachedStateStore.

Otherwise, setFlushListener returns the value of requesting the CachedStateStore to setFlushListener.

setFlushListener is part of the CachedStateStore abstraction.

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