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ProcessorNode is a "hosting environment" of a Processor in a processor topology.

Creating Instance

ProcessorNode takes the following to be created:

ProcessorNode is created when:

Specialized ProcessorNodes

SourceNode and SinkNode are specialized ProcessorNodes.

Child ProcessorNodes

ProcessorNode defines children internal registry of child ProcessorNodes.

The children is empty when ProcessorNode is created.

A new ProcessorNode is added in addChild.


void addChild(
  ProcessorNode<KOut, VOut, ?, ?> child)

addChild adds a new ProcessorNode to the children and the childByName internal registries.

addChild is used when:


List<ProcessorNode<KOut, VOut, ?, ?>> children()

children is used when:

Terminal Node

ProcessorNode is terminal when has got no children.


void punctuate(
  long timestamp, 
  Punctuator punctuator)

punctuate requests the given Punctuator to punctuate (with the given timestamp).

punctuate is used when:

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