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ExtractRecordMetadataTimestamp is an extension of the TimestampExtractor abstraction for timestamp extractors that use ConsumerRecords for timestamps and can handle invalid (negative) timestamps.


Handling Invalid (Negative) Timestamp

long onInvalidTimestamp(
  ConsumerRecord<Object, Object> record,
  long recordTimestamp,
  long partitionTime)

Used when:


  • FailOnInvalidTimestamp
  • LogAndSkipOnInvalidTimestamp
  • UsePartitionTimeOnInvalidTimestamp

Extracting Timestamp

long extract(
  ConsumerRecord<Object, Object> record,
  long partitionTime)

extract requests the given ConsumerRecord for the timestamp.

In case the (extracted) timestamp is negative, extract onInvalidTimestamp.

extract is part of the TimestampExtractor abstraction.

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