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OptimizableRepartitionNode<K, V> is a BaseRepartitionNode.

Creating Instance

OptimizableRepartitionNode takes the following to be created:

OptimizableRepartitionNode is created when:

  • OptimizableRepartitionNodeBuilder is requested to build


void writeToTopology(
  InternalTopologyBuilder topologyBuilder,
  Properties props)

writeToTopology requests the given InternalTopologyBuilder for the following:

  1. addInternalTopic (with the repartitionTopic)
  2. addSink (with the sinkName, the repartitionTopic)
  3. addSource (with the sourceName, the repartitionTopic)

writeToTopology is part of the GraphNode abstraction.

Creating OptimizableRepartitionNodeBuilder

OptimizableRepartitionNodeBuilder<K, V> optimizableRepartitionNodeBuilder()

optimizableRepartitionNodeBuilder creates a new OptimizableRepartitionNodeBuilder.

optimizableRepartitionNodeBuilder is used when:

  • CogroupedStreamAggregateBuilder is requested to processRepartitions (with repartitionRequired flag on among KGroupedStreamImpls)
  • GroupedStreamAggregateBuilder is requested to build a KTable (with repartitionRequired flag on)
  • InternalStreamsBuilder is requested to createRepartitionNode
  • KStreamImpl is requested to toTable (with repartitionRequired flag on), repartitionForJoin
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