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Streams DSL

Streams DSL (KStream DSL) is a high-level API for developers to define streaming topologies in Kafka Streams.

The entry point to the KStream DSL is StreamsBuilder.

Main abstractions (for Kafka Streams developers):

A typical Kafka Streams application (that uses this Streams DSL and Scala API for Kafka Streams) looks as follows:

import org.apache.kafka.streams.scala._
import ImplicitConversions._
import serialization.Serdes._

val builder = new StreamsBuilder

// Add a KStream if needed
// K and V are the types of keys and values, accordingly[K, V](...)

// Add a KTable if needed
builder.table[K, V](...)

// Add a global store if needed

// Add a global store if needed
builder.globalTable[K, V](...)

// In the end, build a topology
val topology =
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