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Creating Instance

PartitionGroup takes the following to be created:

PartitionGroup is created when:



PartitionGroup is given the recordLateness metric sensor when created.

The recordLateness sensor is requested to record the following values:

  • 0 when the event time advances (the timestamp of the current record is smaller than the current stream time)

  • the difference (lateness) between the current stream time and the timestamp of the current otherwise


PartitionGroup is given an enforcedProcessingSensor metric sensor when created.

Stream Time

PartitionGroup defines streamTime internal registry for the highest time (event-time watermark) across already-processed events (across all the partitions assigned to this StreamTask).

The streamTime is initially RecordQueue.UNKNOWN when PartitionGroup is created and later when cleared.

The streamTime changes to the given timestamp in setPartitionTime and next record.

The streamTime is used when:


void setPartitionTime(
  TopicPartition partition, 
  long partitionTime)


setPartitionTime is used when:

Next (Stamped)Record

StampedRecord nextRecord(
  RecordInfo info, 
  long wallClockTime)


nextRecord is used when:

Adding ConsumerRecords

int addRawRecords(
  TopicPartition partition,
  Iterable<ConsumerRecord<byte[], byte[]>> rawRecords)


addRawRecords is used when:

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