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Creating Instance

AssignorConfiguration takes the following to be created:

  • Configuration Properties

While being created, AssignorConfiguration creates a new LogContext with the following log prefix (based on

stream-thread []

AssignorConfiguration uses the given configs to look up __reference.container.instance__ internal property to be the ReferenceContainer.


AssignorConfiguration is created when:

  • StreamsPartitionAssignor is requested to configure


AssignorConfiguration looks up a ReferenceContainer when created.

The ReferenceContainer is used in the following:


RebalanceProtocol rebalanceProtocol()

rebalanceProtocol takes the value of upgrade.from configuration property (from the StreamsConfig).

Unless upgrade.from is defined, rebalanceProtocol prints out the following INFO message to the logs and returns RebalanceProtocol.COOPERATIVE.

Cooperative rebalancing enabled now

With upgrade.from defined, rebalanceProtocol...FIXME

rebalanceProtocol is used when:

  • StreamsPartitionAssignor is requested to configure


CopartitionedTopicsEnforcer copartitionedTopicsEnforcer()

copartitionedTopicsEnforcer creates a new CopartitionedTopicsEnforcer (with the logPrefix).

copartitionedTopicsEnforcer is used when:

  • StreamsPartitionAssignor is requested to configure


InternalTopicManager internalTopicManager()

internalTopicManager creates a new InternalTopicManager.

internalTopicManager is used when:

  • StreamsPartitionAssignor is requested to configure
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