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Partition Leader Election

Partition Leader Election is a process of electing a broker as the leader of a partition.

Use kafka-leader-election utility for preferred or unclean leader election.

Note tool has been deprecated since Kafka 2.4.0 (cf. KIP-460: Admin Leader Election RPC).

Observe state.change.logger (default: state-change.log) to trace the process in the logs.

Internally, Kafka controller uses Election utility (and PartitionLeaderElectionAlgorithms) for the algorithms for partition leader election.

Preferred Partition Leader Election

Preferred Partition Leader Election is...FIXME

Unclean Partition Leader Election

Unclean Partition Leader Election allows a non-ISR replica broker to be elected as a partition leader (as the last resort since doing so may result in data loss).

unclean.leader.election.enable configuration property is used to enable it cluster-wide (for any topic) or per topic.

Enable INFO logging level for kafka.controller.KafkaController logger to observe the process in the logs.


Demo: Using kafka-leader-election.