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Creating Instance

MetricConfig takes no arguments to be created.

MetricConfig is created when:

  • many places (FIXME)


MetricConfig uses INFO recording level by default (when created) that can be changed using recordLevel.


MetricConfig recordLevel(
  Sensor.RecordingLevel recordingLevel)

recordLevel sets the recordingLevel to the given RecordingLevel.

recordLevel is used when:

  • KafkaAdminClient is requested to createInternal
  • KafkaConsumer is requested to buildMetrics
  • KafkaProducer is created
  • KafkaStreams (Kafka Streams) is requested to getMetrics
  • StreamsMetricsImpl (Kafka Streams) is requested to addClientLevelImmutableMetric, addClientLevelMutableMetric, addStoreLevelMutableMetric
  • Server utility is used to buildMetricsConfig
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