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RaftConfig is the configuration of KafkaRaftManager in KRaft mode.

Creating Instance

RaftConfig takes the following to be created:

  • controller.quorum.voters
  • requestTimeoutMs
  • retryBackoffMs
  • electionTimeoutMs
  • electionBackoffMaxMs
  • fetchTimeoutMs
  • appendLingerMs

RaftConfig is created when:


A comma-separated list of {id}@{host}:{port} with the node IDs and the endpoints of all the controllers (quorum voters) in a Kafka cluster in a KRaft mode (e.g., 1@localhost:9092,2@localhost:9093,3@localhost:9094)

Default: (empty)

Importance: High

For ProcessRolesProp with controller role, the node id must also be included in controller.quorum.voters.

For ProcessRolesProp with broker role only, the node id must not be included in controller.quorum.voters.

Available as KafkaConfig.quorumVoters

Used when:


Map<Integer, AddressSpec> parseVoterConnections(
  List<String> voterEntries)


parseVoterConnections is used when: