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KafkaRaftManager is a RaftManager.

KafkaRaftManager is created and immediately started when SharedServer is started.

Creating Instance

KafkaRaftManager takes the following to be created:

KafkaRaftManager is created when:

__cluster_metadata-0 Partition

KafkaRaftManager is given a TopicPartition when created:

  • __cluster_metadata as the name of the cluster metadata topic
  • Partition 0

Metadata Log Directory

KafkaRaftManager creates a data directory when created.


createDataDir(): File

createDataDir creates the name of the log directory of the TopicPartition.

createDataDir creates the directory in the metadataLogDir.

Starting Up

startup(): Unit

startup is a procedure (returns Unit) so what happens inside stays inside (paraphrasing the former advertising slogan of Las Vegas, Nevada).


startup is used when: