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DynamicLogConfig is a BrokerReconfigurable of LogManager.

Creating Instance

DynamicLogConfig takes the following to be created:

DynamicLogConfig is created when:

Reconfigurable Configs

reconfigurableConfigs: Set[String]

reconfigurableConfigs is part of the BrokerReconfigurable abstraction.

reconfigurableConfigs returns the values of the TopicConfigSynonyms.

Reconfiguring Broker

  oldConfig: KafkaConfig,
  newConfig: KafkaConfig): Unit

reconfigure is part of the BrokerReconfigurable abstraction.

reconfigure requests the LogManager for the currentDefaultConfig (and the value of unclean.leader.election.enable configuration property explicitly).

reconfigure updates reconfigurable configuration properties only.

reconfigure requests the LogManager to reconfigureDefaultLogConfig with the new broker configs.

reconfigure updateLogsConfig (with the new broker configs).

In the end, reconfigure requests the KafkaController to enableDefaultUncleanLeaderElection when unclean.leader.election.enable is currently enabled while it was not before.