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PartitionLeaderElectionAlgorithms is a utility with the algorithms for partition leader election.


  assignment: Seq[Int],
  isr: Seq[Int],
  liveReplicas: Set[Int],
  uncleanLeaderElectionEnabled: Boolean,
  controllerContext: ControllerContext): Option[Int]

offlinePartitionLeaderElection finds the first broker ID (among the liveReplicas) that is among the isr.

If not found and uncleanLeaderElectionEnabled flag is enabled, offlinePartitionLeaderElection finds the first live replica broker (from the assignment that is among liveReplicas). When successful and a live replica broker is found, offlinePartitionLeaderElection marks the occurrence of this unclean leader election event in kafka.controller:type=ControllerStats,name=UncleanLeaderElectionsPerSec metric.

In the end, offlinePartitionLeaderElection returns a broker ID (if a new partition leader is found) or None.

offlinePartitionLeaderElection is used when: