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ControllerBrokerRequestBatch is an AbstractControllerBrokerRequestBatch.

Every time ControllerBrokerRequestBatch is used it is first requested to prepare a new batch (of controller requests) followed by sending them out to brokers.

Creating Instance

ControllerBrokerRequestBatch takes the following to be created:

ControllerBrokerRequestBatch is created along with a KafkaController, separately for the following:

Sending ControllerEvent

  event: ControllerEvent): Unit

sendEvent is part of the AbstractControllerBrokerRequestBatch abstraction.

sendEvent requests the ControllerEventManager to enqueue the input ControllerEvent.

Sending Request (to Broker)

  brokerId: Int,
  request: AbstractControlRequest.Builder[_ <: AbstractControlRequest],
  callback: AbstractResponse => Unit = null): Unit

sendRequest is part of the AbstractControllerBrokerRequestBatch abstraction.

sendRequest requests the given ControllerChannelManager to send an controller request out to a broker.