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The buffer size allocated for a partition. When records are received (which are smaller than this size) KafkaProducer will attempt to optimistically group them together until this size is reached.

Default: 16384

Must be at least 0

Related to:

  • max-partition-memory-bytes (ConsoleProducer)

Used when:


Default: false

Used when:

The maximum number of unacknowledged requests the client will send on a single connection before blocking. Note that if this setting is set to be greater than 1 and there are failed sends, there is a risk of message re-ordering due to retries (i.e., if retries are enabled).

Default: 5

Must be at least 1

Related to:

Used when:


The class of the Partitioner for a KafkaProducer

Default: DefaultPartitioner


The ID of a KafkaProducer for transactional delivery

Default: (undefined)

This enables reliability semantics which span multiple producer sessions since it allows the client to guarantee that transactions using the same have been completed prior to starting any new transactions.

With no, a producer is limited to idempotent delivery.

When configured, enable.idempotence is implied (and configured when KafkaProducer is created).

With, KafkaProducer uses a modified (that includes the ID).

Note that, by default, transactions require a cluster of at least three brokers which is the recommended setting for production; for development you can change this, by adjusting broker setting transaction.state.log.replication.factor. is required for the transactional methods.

Used when:



boolean idempotenceEnabled()

idempotenceEnabled is enabled (true) when one of the following holds:

  1. is defined
  2. enable.idempotence is enabled

idempotenceEnabled throws a ConfigException when enable.idempotence is disabled but is defined:

Cannot set a without also enabling idempotence.

idempotenceEnabled is used when:


Map<String, Object> postProcessParsedConfig(
  Map<String, Object> parsedValues)

postProcessParsedConfig maybeOverrideEnableIdempotence. postProcessParsedConfig maybeOverrideClientId. postProcessParsedConfig maybeOverrideAcksAndRetries.

postProcessParsedConfig is part of the AbstractConfig abstraction.


maybeOverrideAcksAndRetries overrides configuration property unless already defined.

The new value uses (if defined) or the next available ID with the producer- prefix.


void maybeOverrideAcksAndRetries(
  Map<String, Object> configs)



void maybeOverrideEnableIdempotence(
  Map<String, Object> configs)

maybeOverrideEnableIdempotence sets enable.idempotence configuration property to true when is defined with no enable.idempotence.