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KafkaConsumer is a Consumer.

Creating Instance

KafkaConsumer takes the following to be created:

  • Configuration (ConsumerConfig or Map<String, Object> or Properties)
  • Deserializer<K>
  • Deserializer<V>

Group ID

KafkaConsumer can be given a group ID using (indirectly in the config) configuration property when created.


KafkaConsumer can be given an IsolationLevel using isolation.level configuration property (indirectly in the config) when created.

KafkaConsumer uses the IsolationLevel for the following:


KafkaConsumer creates a Fetcher when created.


KafkaConsumer creates a ConsumerCoordinator when created with the specified.


void enforceRebalance()

enforceRebalance requests the ConsumerCoordinator to requestRejoin with the following reason:

rebalance enforced by user

enforceRebalance is part of the Consumer abstraction.


ConsumerGroupMetadata groupMetadata()


groupMetadata is part of the Consumer abstraction.

Polling for Records

ConsumerRecords<K, V> poll(
  Duration timeout) // (1)
ConsumerRecords<K, V> poll(
  Timer timer,
  boolean includeMetadataInTimeout) // (2)
  1. Uses includeMetadataInTimeout enabled (true)
  2. A private method


poll is part of the Consumer abstraction.

Polling for Fetches

Map<TopicPartition, List<ConsumerRecord<K, V>>> pollForFetches(
  Timer timer)

pollForFetches requests the Fetcher for fetched records and returns them immediately if available.

Otherwise, pollForFetches requests the Fetcher to sendFetches.

pollForFetches prints out the following TRACE message to the logs:

Polling for fetches with timeout [pollTimeout]

pollForFetches requests the ConsumerNetworkClient to poll (with the pollTimeout until it expires or the Fetcher has some available fetches ready).

In the end, pollForFetches requests the Fetcher for the fetched records again.

Subscribing to Topics

void subscribe(
  Collection<String> topics) // (1)
void subscribe(
  Collection<String> topics,
  ConsumerRebalanceListener listener)
void subscribe(
  Pattern pattern) // (2)
void subscribe(
  Pattern pattern,
  ConsumerRebalanceListener callback)
  1. Uses NoOpConsumerRebalanceListener
  2. Uses NoOpConsumerRebalanceListener


subscribe is part of the Consumer abstraction.

Waking Up

void wakeup()


wakeup is part of the Consumer abstraction.

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