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AuthHelper is used by ControllerApis and KafkaApis to authorize requests to execute an operation on a resource (by type and name).

Creating Instance

AuthHelper takes the following to be created:

AuthHelper is created when:

  • ControllerApis is created (authHelper)
  • KafkaApis is created

Authorizing Request

  requestContext: RequestContext,
  operation: AclOperation,
  resourceType: ResourceType,
  resourceName: String,
  logIfAllowed: Boolean = true,
  logIfDenied: Boolean = true,
  refCount: Int = 1): Boolean

authorize requests the Authorizer (if defined) to authorize the request (to execute the AclOperation on a resource by ResourceType and resourceName).

authorize is used when:

Kafka Service Request AclOperation ResourceType Resource Name
AuthHelper authorizeClusterOperation CLUSTER kafka-cluster
ControllerApis FIXME      
KafkaApis handleOffsetCommitRequest READ GROUP groupId


  requestContext: RequestContext,
  operation: AclOperation,
  resourceType: ResourceType): Boolean

authorizeByResourceType requests the Authorizer (if defined) to authorizeByResourceType.

authorizeByResourceType is used when:


  request: RequestChannel.Request,
  operation: AclOperation): Unit

authorizeClusterOperation authorizes the given AclOperation with CLUSTER resource type and (hardcoded) kafka-cluster name.

If access is denied, authorizeClusterOperation throws a ClusterAuthorizationException:

Request [request] is not authorized.

authorizeClusterOperation is used when:

Kafka Service Request AclOperation
AclApis handleCreateAcls ALTER
  handleDeleteAcls ALTER
  handleDescribeAcls DESCRIBE
ControllerApis FIXME
KafkaApis handleLeaderAndIsrRequest CLUSTER_ACTION
  handleStopReplicaRequest CLUSTER_ACTION
  handleUpdateMetadataRequest CLUSTER_ACTION
  handleControlledShutdownRequest CLUSTER_ACTION
  handleWriteTxnMarkersRequest CLUSTER_ACTION
  handleAlterPartitionRequest CLUSTER_ACTION
  handleAllocateProducerIdsRequest CLUSTER_ACTION
  handleAlterPartitionReassignmentsRequest ALTER
  handleListPartitionReassignmentsRequest DESCRIBE