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DeltaSourceOffset is a streaming Offset (Spark Structured Streaming) for DeltaSource.

Creating Instance

DeltaSourceOffset takes the following to be created:

DeltaSourceOffset is created (using apply utility) when:

isStartingVersion Flag

DeltaSourceOffset is given isStartingVersion flag when created to denote a query that is starting rather than processing changes.

isStartingVersion flag is false when:

isStartingVersion flag is copied over (continued) as long as the versions are the same when buildOffsetFromIndexedFile

Creating DeltaSourceOffset

  reservoirId: String,
  offset: Offset): DeltaSourceOffset
  reservoirId: String,
  reservoirVersion: Long,
  index: Long,
  isStartingVersion: Boolean): DeltaSourceOffset

apply creates a DeltaSourceOffset (for the version and the given arguments) or converts a SerializedOffset to a DeltaSourceOffset.

apply is used when:


  json: String): Unit


Source Version

DeltaSourceOffset uses 1 for the version (and does not allow changing it).

The version is used when: