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To be removed

They say the following:

This class will be removed when we integrate with OSS Spark's CLUSTER BY implementation.


Creating Instance

ClusterBySpec takes the following to be created:

  • Column names (NamedReferences)

ClusterBySpec is created when:

Creating ClusterBySpec

apply[_: ClassTag](
  columnNames: Seq[Seq[String]]): ClusterBySpec

apply creates a ClusterBySpec for the given columnNames (converted to FieldReferences).

No usage found

(Re)Creating ClusterBySpec from Table Property

  columns: String): ClusterBySpec

fromProperty creates a ClusterBySpec for the given columns (being a JSON-ified ClusterBySpec).


fromProperty does the opposite to toProperty.

fromProperty is used when:

Converting ClusterBySpec to Table Property

  clusterBySpec: ClusterBySpec): (String, String)

toProperty gives a pair of clusteringColumns and the given ClusterBySpec (in JSON format).


toProperty does the opposite to fromProperty.

toProperty is used when: