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DeltaDynamicPartitionOverwriteCommand is a RunnableCommand (Spark SQL) and a V2WriteCommand (Spark SQL) for dynamic partition overwrite using WriteIntoDelta.

DeltaDynamicPartitionOverwriteCommand sets partitionOverwriteMode option as DYNAMIC before write.


DeltaDynamicPartitionOverwriteCommand is a workaround of Spark SQL not supporting V1 fallback for dynamic partition overwrite.

Creating Instance

DeltaDynamicPartitionOverwriteCommand takes the following to be created:

  • Delta Table (NamedRelation)
  • DeltaTableV2
  • Logical Query Plan (LogicalPlan)
  • Write options (Map[String, String])
  • isByName flag
  • Analyzed Logical Query Plan (Option[LogicalPlan])

DeltaDynamicPartitionOverwriteCommand is created when:

OverwritePartitionsDynamic Unary Logical Command

Learn more about OverwritePartitionsDynamic unary logical command in The Internals of Spark SQL.

Executing Command

  sparkSession: SparkSession): Seq[Row]

run is part of the RunnableCommand (Spark SQL) abstraction.