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DeletionVectorStoredBitmap is a StoredBitmap of a deletion vector (described by DeletionVectorDescriptor).

Creating Instance

DeletionVectorStoredBitmap takes the following to be created:

DeletionVectorStoredBitmap is created when:

Table Data Path

tableDataPath: Option[Path]

DeletionVectorStoredBitmap can be given the path to the data directory of a delta table. The path is undefined (None) by default.

The path is specified only when StoredBitmap utility is requested to create a StoredBitmap for on-disk deletion vectors.

Loading Deletion Vector

  dvStore: DeletionVectorStore): RoaringBitmapArray

load is part of the StoredBitmap abstraction.

For an empty deletion vector, load creates a new empty RoaringBitmapArray.

For an inline deletion vector, load creates a RoaringBitmapArray from the inline data byte array of this DeletionVectorDescriptor.

Otherwise, load asserts that this deletion vector is isOnDisk and requests the given DeletionVectorStore to load the RoaringBitmapArray.

Absolute Path of On-Disk Deletion Vector

onDiskPath: Option[Path]
Lazy Value

onDiskPath is a Scala lazy value to guarantee that the code to initialize it is executed once only (when accessed for the first time) and the computed value never changes afterwards.

Learn more in the Scala Language Specification.

If this tableDataPath is specified, onDiskPath is converted to an absolute path. Otherwise, onDiskPath is undefined (None).