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DeltaInvariantCheckerExec Unary Physical Operator

DeltaInvariantCheckerExec is an UnaryExecNode (Spark SQL) to assert constraints.

Creating Instance

DeltaInvariantCheckerExec takes the following to be created:

DeltaInvariantCheckerExec is created when:

Executing Physical Operator

doExecute(): RDD[InternalRow]

doExecute is part of the SparkPlan (Spark SQL) abstraction.

doExecute builds invariants for the given constraints and applies (evaluates) them to every row from the child physical operator.

doExecute simply requests the child physical operator to execute (and becomes a noop) for no constraints.

Building Invariants

  output: Seq[Attribute],
  constraints: Seq[Constraint],
  spark: SparkSession): Seq[CheckDeltaInvariant]

buildInvariantChecks converts the given Constraints into CheckDeltaInvariants.