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RangePartitionId Unary Expression

RangePartitionId is a UnaryExpression (Spark SQL) that represents range_partition_id function in a logical query plan (until it is resolved into PartitionerExpr by RangePartitionIdRewrite optimization).

Creating Instance

RangePartitionId takes the following to be created:

  • Child Expression (Spark SQL)
  • Number of partitions

RangePartitionId requires the number of partitions to be greater than 0.

RangePartitionId is created when:


RangePartitionId is Unevaluable (Spark SQL) that is rewritten by RangePartitionIdRewrite to PartitionerExpr.


checkInputDataTypes(): TypeCheckResult

checkInputDataTypes is part of the Expression (Spark SQL) abstraction.

checkInputDataTypes is successful when the DataType (Spark SQL) of the child expression is row-orderable (Spark SQL). Otherwise, checkInputDataTypes is negative.

Evaluation Result DataType

dataType: DataType

dataType is part of the Expression (Spark SQL) abstraction.

dataType is always IntegerType.


nullable: Boolean

nullable is part of the Expression (Spark SQL) abstraction.

nullable is always false.